Emma Furlong & Hair Transplantation Surgeon

United Kingdom

For over 12 years I have worked in hair-loss, gaining invaluable experience on the management team for an industry leading alternative hair provider and with my own aesthetic company.

I have repeatedly witnessed first-hand the life changing benefit someone can receive from effective hair loss solutions and am passionate about providing a service to those in need. My love of micropigmentation in its many forms has led me to specialise in providing SMART Micro Procedures (Scalp Micropigmentaiton And Restorative Treatments) and I’m proud to be the lead-trainer for the UK based Finishing Touches Hair Loss programme; providing SMP training and education globally to individuals and hair-loss companies.

I am passionate about on-going education, industry standards and working in combination with hair restoration professionals to give the very best possible solution to those affected by hair loss.

“SMP treatments are one of the most exciting innovations currently available in the micropigmentation industry, offering an effective solution to those affected by noticeable hair-loss. I love creating awareness of the potential with SMART micro procedures.”