Hoi Kwan


Hoi first began her journey into the beauty world at the age of 16, quickly embracing the medium and becoming a professional make up artist in 2008. Travelling as a professional make up artist not only allowed Hoi to collect valuable work experience but elevate her skills and services. Hoi quickly ascended the ladder and was voted the Best Make Up Artist in Alberta (2014). Her passion for enhancing natural beauty and travelling eventually led her into the hand craft of cosmetic tattooing. Her permanent make up career began in 2014 and within one short year Hoi became one of the most sought after artists in North America.

Hoi’s Signature Brow Design and unique style of Nano brows has built a cult following amongst clients and fellow artists. Hoi has showcased her specialized technique globally at the industry’s best conferences.

An open mind and never ending curiosity have driven Hoi to constantly improve her results and evolve the luxury experience. Inspired by her personal evolution Hoi sought to curate the same intimate setting and curiosity into her private training courses. Hoi Tattoo Education opened its doors in 2017 and has since provided the highest quality of training to budding artists. With the ever changing frontier of this industry continously improving the standard procedures and the luxury experience are essential. Providing the stepping stones to achieve this are the values and priorities of Hoi Tattoo Education’s curriculum.

Curiosity and a consistent drive has also led Hoi to discover the best aspects of the permanent make up industry and tattooing industry. She has successfully incorporated the most effective technologies from both industries into her personal work and training programs.

Hoi is excited to present her unique experience and discoveries on a world stage among the industry’s most admired artists. The fusion between the permanent make up and the tattooing industry has begun. Learn how Hoi has fearlessly embraced this challenge with success.