Suzé Steyl

South Africa

Suzé’s story

Remarkable people can usually tell inspiring stories of growth and perseverance and dedication, and Suzé Steyl is no different.

Newly qualified in beauty technology, Suzé started specialising in permanent cosmetics in South Africa in 1998, working on an ad hoc basis in more than 30 salons. Her focus was on creating and offering the best and most innovative techniques and products.

She excelled in the permanent makeup industry and also worked in skincare. Then, in response to market needs, she started focusing on specialised lash treatments. She developed the Lash-on lash extension range and LashCurl lashlifting products, which are still successful today.

Never content to stagnate, Suzé travelled to be mentored by the best in the skin needling field. Back in South Africa, she implemented best practice criteria and protocol for this complex process. The treatment is recognised as an effective and largely pain-free one that quickly shows results.

Suzé has become a well-known and sought-after person at conferences, both locally and internationally, and her passion and enthusiasm always shine through. She is an extraordinary trainer and an inspiring communicator. She’s passionate about the industry and generously shares her knowledge and skills with fellow technicians.

Suzé is passionate about the industry and generally shares her knowledge and international skills with fellow technicians. Her vision of creating a company that can be regarded as a world leader, is now being realized. Her vision does not stop there however; with her skills as a PMU technician and a riveting amiea trainer, the amiea name is one to be respected and highly regarded.

Suzé is an international leader in the permanent makeup industry and has developed techniques and products to ensure not only the beauty of the art, but also the best results and comfort to clients. Her understanding of colour theory, pmu tools and devices, needles, skin, anaesthetics, proper design and techniques are top-notch in today's industry. Suzé Steyl Aesthetic Line introduces a new chapter in her life, defined by growth and dedication to detail and excellence.